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As the saying goes
Marriages are made in heaven but solemnized on Earth...

Marriage is not just coming together of two people but a union of two souls.

A marriage is the most memorable occasion that we want to share with the world. In marriages invitation will be the first thing your guests receive. And as they say first impressions count and the invitation is that first impression.

A modern misconception about wedding invitations is that they are just pretty pieces of card but in fact they are the perfect tool in your wedding arsenal to prepare and organise for the big day. When used properly a wedding invitation has three major benefits:

1) They can notify guests when your wedding is taking place, giving them a special invitation that will make them remember the date of the your wedding.

2) They can wow your guests too. A stylish invitations doesn’t just notify guests of a day to mark in their calendar. They also set the tone for your wedding. Invitations are your first opportunity to give your guests the right impression about what they are likely to expect from your wedding.

3) A little understand benefit of wedding invitations is that they give you the perfect opportunity to organise your guests.

In modern weddings, it is no wonder that online wedding invitations are more popular than ever before. These are the electronic invitations that comes in a form of hyperlink which you can share hassle free with your guests via email or social networking websites. The most salient feature about these invitations are :

:: These invitations are more appealing than a printed marriage invitation and gives an impact of your physical appearance.

:: Quickly reachable to those who live far.

:: As these are paperless hence Eco-friendly.

:: Fast response is another reason for using such invitations. Online wedding invitations will encourage the guests to RSVP since sending an email is convenient.

:: Just one invitation is sufficient to invite many of your guests.

:: Moreover Economical.

Around the world we use 1 million tonnes of paper every day. Too much of this paper usage is wasteful and unnecessary and puts huge pressures on the environment. A card is the preface to the future it is very important that the spirit and soul of marriage is as pure as a possible. Marriages are the social way of bringing the new generation in to the world. So intend of beginning of new life by killing another (Trees) is brutal and barbaric. If we go on using the Earth uncaringly and without replenishing it, then we are just greedy consumers.

So Live Green, Spread Green and Go Green...

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