Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How many invitations can I send once I order the card?
The link of the card can be shared by you with any number of invitees.
Q 2: Would it be in .pdf format or any other attachment?
No, it is purely a Web based Online-Invitation.
Q 3: For what time period the link of online wedding invitation will remain valid and active?
The link will remain valid from the time, the payment is credited into our account till 1 year.
Q 4: Do we need to pay first?
You need to pay within the time span of 30 hours from the time the link is shared with you. If the payment is not received within this time the link will be deactivated. And to re-activate it again double amount will be charged.
Q 5: What is "Customize Yourself" ?
This is the facility by which you can select and modify e-Invitation textual contents as per your wish without our intervention. Modifications can be applicable for Invitation, Venue & Contact Us Sections. This facility you can avail by login to our Customize Tool Click her to Login Tool.
Q 6: Is "Customization Yourself" is applicable for all e-Cards?
No, only selected e-Cards are applicable for this facility.
Q 7: Is additional cost we need to pay for "Customization Yourself"?
No, this facility is absolutely free of cost. No additional cost will be charged to avail this facility. For Indian transactions one time cost of INR 151 needs to pay. For Non-Indian transactions customer needs to pay USD 7 only.